June Books of the Month

If you can read this through your tears, then welcome to the end of the first round of CB Book Group (we’ll be scouting for new recruits soon!). This month, we’ve got two seemingly very different books – but with some striking similarities. Dusty desert, anyone?


 Stone Rider by David Hofmeyr

Adam Stone has grown up in Blackwater, a dusty desert town where the air is toxic and the landscape deadly, and he’s dying to get out. However, the only way to do that is  to win the Black Water Trail Race on your byke, and get your ticket to Sky Base, where life is easy. If it sounds Mad Max-esque, that’s because it is – but Mad Max meets  Winters Bone, with characters you want to stay with long after the book has finished. There is – of course! – a love story, but this is ultimately a novel to sit down with on a  lazy afternoon and finish in one adrenalin filled sitting…we’re really looking forward to discussing this with David (and finding out where he got his inspiration from!).

David graduated from the Bath Spa Writing for Children MA with distinction. You can follow David on Twitter here: @dhofmeyr. Stone Rider will be published by Penguin on July 16th in PB and Ebook.



 The Weightless World by Anthony Trevelyan 

Steven Strauss is just where he doesn’t want to be: on a ‘business trip’ to India with his boss Raymond Ess, the charismatic and chaotic founder of Resolute Aviation. Lately the company has fallen on hard time, and Steven and his fellow employees have accepted that Resolute is dead and they’re all going to lose their jobs. But Raymond Ess is determined to save his company, and to this end he’s devised a rescue plan. He claims that during his recent travels he has come across a recluse of the Indian wilds, willing to sell his remarkable invention: an antigravity machine. Now, with Steven in tow, Ess has returned to India planning to buy the machine, to bring it to market and thereby right all wrongs, recover all losses, restore all reputations. It’s a wonderful book which we hope will raise lots of questions for us to discuss with Anthony!

Anthony submitted his work to the Curtis Brown slush pile and was picked up from there. You can follow Anthony on Twitter here: @agmtrevelyan. The Weightless World will be published on June 18th by Galley Beggar Press.


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