January Book of the Month: What a Way to Go

We can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we began our book group, and we couldn’t have hoped for a better book to begin Year Two with than What a Way to Go by the brilliant Julia Forster:

1988. Harper Richardson’s mum and dad are divorced. Her mum got custody of her, the Mini, and five hundred tins of baked beans. Her dad got a mouldering cottage in a Midlands backwater village and plenty of free time to indulge his WWII obsession. Harper got questionable dress sense, a zest to understand the world around her and the responsibility of fixing her parents’ broken hearts…

Set against a backdrop of high hairdos and higher interest rates, pop music and puberty, divorce and death, What a Way to Go is a warm, wise and witty tale of one girl’s mission to run headfirst into the middle of some of life’s big questions – and to come out the other side with some reasonable answers.

It’s the perfect book to cosy up with on a cold January night and warm your heart – it’s also very funny, poignant and brilliantly observed. Look out for blogs this month from Julia’s agent and editor, and Julia herself.

What a Way to Go is available now from Atlantic Books.  Follow Julia on Twitter at @WriterForster.

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