July Book of the Month

Welcome to the Curtis Brown Book Group part two!

We’ve got our members, our books are all lined up, and we’re ready to announce our first book group pick, which is…

The Summer of Secrets by Sarah Jasmon.

We think this is a brilliant book to ease us into the second round – secrets, hot summer days, art and boats combine in a perfect book club read.

Sixteen year old Helen is a lonely teenager living with her dad since her mum left them earlier that summer. Lazing her holiday away in their garden by the canal, an empty summer stretches out before her – that is, until the Dovers move in next door and her golden summer begins. However, as an adult Helen looks back on her time with the Dovers with fresh eyes. As she begins to unpick the story of that summer – and one fateful night – and realises that perhaps the Dovers were not quite all they seemed…

Parcels are going out today to our book group members, and the book is officially published on August 13th by Black Swan.